Country Manager for Chile


Country Manager for Chile

Our company is currently seeking a professional who loves sports, the Flashscore project and is ready for significant challenges. 

As a Country Manager for Chile (permanent stay and citizenship is a must), you will have a great chance to influence the growth of the website’s popularity and have an exciting experience with one of the worldwide internet leaders in live sports information.

To succeed in this position, you need to be highly driven, have a passion for learning about, and desire to deliver excellent results. Do you meet all the conditions stated below? If so, we will be pleased to welcome you to our team!

Essential candidate's background:

  • Excellent knowledge of the Chilean Spanish language (native), very good stylistics and grammar, and excellent understanding of the English language.
  • Perfect knowledge of the marketing environment in your country.
  • Experience with website promotion and online marketing is an advantage.
  • Strong communication, organisational and negotiation skills.
  • Good networking abilities.
  • Passion for sports
  • References (your successful projects) are an advantage. 
  • The ability to provide excellent customer service.
  • A serious approach to very precise work and a willingness to learn.
  • Enough free time to work on the project daily, including weekends.
  • Flexibility, communicative personality and ability to solve problems.
  • Exceptionally well organized and driven by success.
  • Readiness to start working immediately. 

Key responsibilities include:

  • Translating content from English into Chilean Spanish for website copy, banners and PPC campaigns. 
  • Improving website ranking through SEO activities
  • Providing for and encouraging creative ways to build our brand in your country and promote our products (web, mobile apps). 
  • Building professional relationships and negotiating advantageous deals with marketing entities and media.
  • Providing quality online user support to our web and mobile users incl. answering user enquiries via email, social media and mobile reviews. 
  • Monitoring digital consumer trends and corresponding legislation in your country.
  • Co-managing social media accounts.
  • Analysing customer satisfaction and providing feedback to our HQ. 
  • Research and analysis of the local market.
  • Maintaining a good image of the organisation at all times.

We offer:

  • External cooperation from 60 to 120 hours per month (approximately 2-4 hours per day, working from your home).
  • Participation in the most comprehensive live score service for users with high ambitions.
  • Know-how that you gain, enabling you to succeed with any other website project. 
  • Attractive financial reward for your participation. 

If you are ready for this challenge, please read our questions and assignment below.


  • Describe yourself.
  • Are you a Flashscore user? If yes, for how long?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • What is your current job?
  • What specialised training have you received to improve your job skills (in any field)? 
  • What is your idea of success?
  • Why do you think you’ll be successful in this position?
  • Do you have any experience with link building or SEO?
  • How many hours a day can you work? Can you work a few hours during weekends as well?


  • What is the main strength of our Flashscore service? If you were to recommend it to someone, what essential functions would you highlight?
  • What would be the best way to promote our website and apps in your local market? What channels would you use, and what would be the best way to increase brand awareness?
  • We’re all customers. What frustrates you about customer service? What are the main elements to deliver an exceptional customer service experience?
  • Can you describe a major project with which you encountered problems?
  • Write about a time when it was your job to negotiate a deal.
  • Can you give an example of how you can be positive about a product even when discussing a negative?
  • What’s one thing we (Flashscore) could do to make our users even more satisfied with us?

Put all your answers for the above questions (Survey and Assignment) into one PDF file or document.

Send your answers from the survey, along with the assignment and your CV, to, ALL IN ENGLISH.Use the name of the position, Country Managerfor Chile, as your email subject.

Flashscore team